"I would do it all over again, and even better" (Eddie Merckx)
"It all began when I came to the conclusion that I will, most likely not, live forever"


Latest Updates
2 Dec 2016
Electrical distribution

I have decided to replace the two original DC Distribution Panels, the chioce falled on Blue Sea Systems. Read more


3 Jan 2016

LED Cieling lightning
New Cabin Roof LED lamps are delivered and ready to be installed.

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5 May 2015

Steering pedestal

When I bougth her she did not have a plotter at the helm, and my first instsallation was a quick fix, now its time to make the final installation ...

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8 sept 2015
Sky Lights/Deck Hatches

It was time for renewal of the three deck hatches, Vetus model Magnus was a very price worthy chioce, lets see if they maked it all the way. Read more


9 Nov 2014

New stripes on the hull

Over time the wather deter differently on the red stripes on Alexandra II I have decided to renew them..

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6 Oct 2015

There are a lot of Maintenance going on at the moment .

Check out my Maintenance page for more info.

The Green ones are finished and the Red ones are still under progress.... Read More


Here are a digest of selected movies ....


Scanmar 42 Alexandra II 1997

Hi and welcome to my webpage, my name is Bo Johansson and the initial intention to create this website was to keep contact with dear-ones during my project of buying and sailing my Scanmar 35 from Rock Hall Maryland (US) to Stockholm Sweden, this was 2004.You mmay read about it here. I have now sold Isabelle in favor of the 7 feet longer, 2 feet wider and 5 ton heavier Alexandra 2. The reason for this was that I need a boat that is more comfortable in high water, and I can tell you, she really is!! Originally she is a Scanmar 40, but the previous owners rebuilt her during 9 years to become 2 feet longer, a hole new interior and with a mizzen fitted. Read more

Klick on the picure to be linked to my photo gallery of her at picasaweb.

Star boat SWE7513

Manufactured by Mader 1990.

Klick on the picture to go to my page containing information of my gained knowledge maintaining it.

  • LOA 6,922 m
  • LWL 4,724 m
  • Beam 1,016 m
  • Height 9,652 m
JOFA Winth 555 1980

The manufacturer JOFA was bought by Volvo Marin and they later also bought RYDS.

Klick on the picture to access all about my JOFA Winth 555

  • Empty weight 620 kgs
  • 2Stroke 4 cylinder 998 cm³ 16 Valves
  • 138.3 kW (188.1 PS) @ 12.500 rpm
  • Torque 113 Nm @ 8.700 rpm
  • Six-speed, manual gearshift
  • Top Speed +300 km/h

This section is about my way of bicycling.

I have a Pinarello Prince from 2001, full Shimano Dura-Ace and Mavic Cosmic Elite rims, for the woods and winter I have a Cannondale Scalpel 3 full with Sram components...