This is how it all came out, all works great and I am least happy with the power lever, it is a bit short for those how are not strong enough, no problems for me bbut it could create unwanted situations.


Designing and assemblying of the new control panel, this is so fun ....


Hmm, two steps forward, one step rearward, time for some hard thinking....






I will have to adjust the power lever so it will not interfer with the plotter and a cool thing is the position of the neutral, it is slighlty rearward, so when it is in forward idle, it will be in the top position.


Slowely but surely we are getting there, I think this new installation will be just great


No, it must not be a side mounted, there is not enough with space to mount the mechanism, it needs at least 25-30 cm of free area and I have only 21 cm. So I am stuck with a top mounted one, but it is not that bad, it will at least be well protected by the vertical protection handle (original item).

If I was able to side mount it I would have choosed the Morse CH2800 with a twisting knob to control the bow thruster (see pic)

Now I will go for the Morse CH5330P (see pic)



Okay, the autumn is here and with that its time to start to look for new boat improvements. Since the current stainless steel guardrail, that also holds the Raymarine Radar/Chart Plotter, was a temporarelly installation (had to fx a mount for the plotter a month prior leaving for Sankt Petersburg in 2011) its now time to found out how I want the hole installation to be more permanently.

i am gonna look into maybe modifying these areas:

  1. The Guard Rail
  2. The Power Lever
  3. The control for the Bow Thruster (it is today controlled from the thumb wheel on the power lever it self, a very convenient position but if I am gonna replace the power lever i have to look into another way to control it)
  4. The position of the compass
  5. The old guard rail (original, not the one I made), maybe I will fit it back again as an extra safety and hand hold.

Here are a couple of pictures of how it looks today and below is a picture of how it might gonna be when finished.

and here a couple of pictures showing the new items manufactured by JEFA in Denmark.

And a cotrol panel for the Bow Thruster will more look like this.