This project has now started to get movin, yesturday I took down a couple of roof panels and fitted one super low profile LED lamp. It fitted very nice inded. It seems as if I can install the most of them without removing the mounting clips. this is good because for those I have to use an alternate method of securing the, and I dont now exatly with how. A mechanical installation is always best, i.e. without glue, rubber etc because they degrade over time.


Oh yea, I guess this boat dont need more dimmers now.



In order to increase the lighting in the boat and at the same time be able to flood the cabin in light without draining the batteries I have bought 10 ea 6W LED lights from a distributor in China, bought via eBay. I bought also 3 dimmers from a similar distributor.

The light it self are very thin but the springs that keep it in place have two high bars that I will remove in order to get it even thinner, I will take down the roof, install the lamps and then reinstall the roof, so I will do an alternative installation of each lamp.

I will divide the boat into three light zones and the dimmers will be mounted hided behinde a door or shelf.

These are the sellers for these lamps and dimmers.

Here you can see a short film of when I tested if the dimemr was compatible with the lamps