Yesturday I cut the 3" wide white reflective 3M DOT-C2 tape in half, I made a jig that I pulled the tape throu and held a matt knife in the middle, worked perfactly.

Came home and found the red 10" wide tape at the post office, now we are all set for making a mess with it all.



Over time the weather tear/wear/degrades differently on the red areas on Alexandra II, I have now decided to renew it.

Originally the two stripes upper and lower) are red top coat and are therefor a part of the construction of the boat, but when they extended the hull, her the aft parts are painted red color. Now they start to differ in apperance.

I will do like this.

  1. Remove all previous reflective tape.
  2. Polish the surface with an Abralon Pad of size 250
  3. Clean with aceton
  4. Upper; Install a 25 cm wide JAC Serisign Film in the color 2306G that will fully cover the red top coat (it will reach the full hull minus 10 cm at each end)
  5. On top and in the middle of red film install a 2" wide white reflective 3M DOT-C2 tape.
  6. Lower; Install a 2" wide 3M DOT-C2 red reflective tape.

At the moment the white reflective tape is 3" but I will have it cut into two parts, one 2" resp. one 1" part.

JAC Serisign pdf

I have also considered to paint all red areas, but I decided not to go that road, for two reasons:

  1. Messy
  2. A lot more work
  3. The resault is not guaranteed
  4. Dependant of weather
  5. Twice as expensive (Double Coat)

This is how my previous boat looked like whith new stripe scheme