The new water pump was just as noicy as the old one so I did a small upgrading of the installation.
Unfortunattely the lens of the camera was a bit dirty.

the pump is now renamed to "The whispering Pump" ;)



Stockholm 2013-06-03

I took the desicion to replace the original potable water pump because it just sounded too much, sometimes I actually got scared when it started :)

A friend had installed a Jabsco Par-Max+ pump that was very silent, said and done.

I bought it and the installation went pretty nice up and till when I should fit the Quick Attach Fittings, they just didnt fit. After several mails back and forth Jabsco knowlidget that I have got the "wrong" pump head installed on the correct motor, they sent me the correct bigger fitings and it all went perfect.

The Jabsco Support where very nice to have contact with, prompt and friendly and super fast shipping.

Pre and post pics.